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TUPIMEK is a private educational organization and a physiotherapy office well founded by Andrzej Pilat and specialized in Myofascial Therapy. Myofascial Therapy is a branch of physiotherapy aimed at the manual treatment of the most common disorders that affect the locomotor system as a result of different types of trauma (fractures, sprains, strains, blows, etc.) that produce painful and limiting internal scars or external limiting movement.


As Tupimek offers three different services: education, phisiotherapy, and investigations in Myofascial Theory; we distinguished these three sections by color and by the gradient lines "leitmotiv". The visual language of the brand identity is based on the fascia and the myofascial theories. The fascia is a connective tissue structure very resistant that extends throughout the body as a three-dimensional net. It gives support, protection and shapes the organism.

We specified the use of the different elements that compose the corporate identity in the Style Guide 2017, see in the right image below.

We also created all the stationary for the brand, as well as the manual for the students of Tupimek. 

Check out the responsive website we created for Tupimek: www.tupimek.com