Prompt Collective is a creative studio specialized in architecture, rendering and visual communication. Our Barcelona-based team consists of professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures.This diversity provides us with a broader vision of the creative processes involved in our work and allows us to offer a larger number of solutions to fit our clients’ needs. At Prompt Collective, curiosity and innovation are combined with cutting-edge technology. In order to efficiently serve our worldwide network of clients, we have developed an online production system that guarantees a fluent communication.


Tel. +34 930 082 931 / / Mexic 7, Local SS, 08004, Barcelona, Spain.



Collaborators Cafar project

Nicolás Perfumo (AR) - email

I am an Architect
I like playing with Legos
I wish I would've never grown up
I cook special hamburgers
Ican fly underwater


Constanza Saldias (AR) - email

I am an Architect
I like to recycle clothes
I wish the nights were longer
I cook with few ingredients
I can solve problems while sleeping


Manuel Olivares (AR) - email

I am an Architect
I like to do magic and dance ridiculously
I wish you a merry christmas
I cook Argentinian empanadas & Bbq
I can dream in english if I am in London