Architects: prompt architecture
Team: Iván Arellano, Caterina Dominioni, Andrea Fiorucci, Manuel Olivares
Client: Private
Photography: Ignacio Sanchez
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Area: 102 sqm
Year: 2017

In a very busy corner in the Sant Antoni neighborhood of Barcelona, with a modest budget, a domestic aesthetic and great commitment, we turned what was a clothing store into a small restaurant. Our client, the Argentine family of El Rekons, asked us to design a new restaurant next to the one they already owned.

The challenge was to design the main area of the restaurant in a completely irregular space. We could not alter too many things due to the limited budget, therefore we decided to bet only on two materials, metal sheet and wood.

The corrugated metal sheet was used as a wall covering to regularize the inclinations of the walls in this main area; using a very light color to create a more luminous interior space. The wood was used in different elements such as shelves, furniture and the façade, in order to give warmth and domesticity to the inside. For the furnishings, doing a great job of recycling, we found old school-desks and solely replaced their original tabletops.

The glass lamps, as well as several chairs, were acquired in second-hand markets.  For the façade, previously made of sealed aluminum and glass carpentry, we worked with a carpenter specialized in recycled wood, and designed two folding accordion-doors that open to the outside; to take full advantage of the pleasant weather of the city during the summer and extend the limits of the premises to the terrace.