The Chicala Observatory


Comunication project for architect Paulo Moreira's PhD research.

This research sets out to understand the nature of postcolonial Luanda, Angola, where an overwhelming course of urban regeneration is leading to the destruction of entire neighbourhoods. The investigation is looking particularly at one of the city’s most central (therefore most at risk) informal settlements, Chicala. Given the urgency of documenting the site before it disappears, the investigation has aimed to construct an archive which might preserve Chicala’s history and culture.

Copyright | Paulo Moreira

Portugal, 2014.

Diagrams showing how Chicala has changed through time. Images done for the book: "Hisotry and Urbanity of a Neibourhood in Luanda"

Video made out of photos of Chicala's main street for architect Paulo Moreira's PhD research.

Photos by Luis Damiao.