1st Prize

Architects: Prompt Architecture
Team: Iván Arellano, Andrea Fiorucci, Manuel Olivares, Nicolás Perfumo, Constanza Saldías
Client: CAFAR
Location: La Plata (Buenos Aires), Argentina
Area: 2537 sqm
Year: 2016

In the Barceloneta, the former fishermen’s town, there is this tall building that stands out from the rest of buildings and has the best sea views in the city.

Our client, a young couple, had two basic requirements: a simple design and to make the space feel bigger than what it was.

We divided our design strategy in three concrete actions: open, frame and reflect.

Our first step was to open as much as possible the common area by connecting the gallery with the kitchen and dining room, which used to be separated.

We also designed some wooden frames in the windows in order to visually link the exterior with interior of the apartment. The kitchen area is also connected with the living room through another big wooden frame that allows to see the terrace and the sea views.

We enhanced the views to the city and the feeling of amplitude by introducing some reflective dark glass in the kitchen and dining room. Following the same idea, we designed two sliding doors with a glass face that separate the corridor from the two bedrooms.