Prompt Collective is a creative studio specialized in architecture, rendering and visual communication. Our Barcelona-based team consists of professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures.This diversity provides us with a broader vision of the creative processes involved in our work and allows us to offer a larger number of solutions to fit our clients’ needs. At Prompt Collective, curiosity and innovation are combined with cutting-edge technology. In order to efficiently serve our worldwide network of clients, we have developed an online production system that guarantees a fluent communication.


Tel. +34 930 082 931 / / Reina Amalia 13, bjo. 4to, 08001, Barcelona, España.


Iván Arellano (MX) - email

I am an Architect
I like to take polaroids
I wish I could always dream
I cook guacamole con totopos
I can eat tons of arroz negro


Onna Cajacob (CH) - email

I am a Graphic Designer
I like to go into details
I wish I could speak every language  
I cook fondue anywhere you want
I can use excel on mac & pc


Paola Casadevall (CAT-FR) - email

I am an Interior Designer
I like to dance under the rain
I wish I could fly aorund the world
I cook any kind of risotto
I can drive in my moto all day


Nicolás Perfumo (AR) - email

I am an Architect
I like playing with Legos
I wish I would've never grown up
I cook special hamburgers
Ican fly underwater



Andrea Fiorucci (IT) - email

I am an Architect
I like to play with my children
I wish I could sleep more tomorrow
I cook preferably pasta and pizza
I can smile more than in my photos


Adriana Cruañas (CAT) - email

I am an Architectural Technician
I like cheese
I wish I could travel continuously
I cook any kind of tortilla
I can drink 8 Coca-Cola in a day


Pablo Tuset (CH-ES) - email

I am an Architect
I like boxing and scuba diving
I wish I could have 7 lives
I cook ceviche
I can talk nonsense 90% of the time



Miss Prompt (WWW) - email

I am prompt
I like prompters
I wish I lived in a prompt box
I cook food promptly
I can be as fast as a prompt neutron


Sandra Rosenzweig (MX-AT) - email 

I am an Industrial Designer
I like Yoda's narrative
I wish to travel endlesly
I cook veggie burgers
I can be distracted for long periods 


Caterina Dominioni (IT) - email

I am an Architect
I like sustainability and nature
I wish the day had 36 hours
I cook slow Italian food
I can sing and draw at the same time


Carolina Wallace (CAT) - email

I am a Filmmaker
I like reading books when it rains
I wish I could eat avocado all day
I cook Yakisoba
I can sing and play guitar


Francesco Testa (VE-IT) - email

I am a Filmmaker
I like to exist
I wish Tarkowsky was alive
I cook parmigiana di melanzane
I can make fun of myself


Manuel Olivares (AR) - email

I am an Architect
I like to do magic and dance ridiculously
I wish you a merry christmas
I cook Argentinian empanadas & Bbq
I can dream in english if I am in London


Constanza Saldias (AR) - email

I am an Architect
I like to recycle clothes
I wish the nights were longer
I cook with few ingredients
I can solve problems while sleeping